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Published on 29 th, April 2020 by Samuel Alexander



What will our office workspaces and structures look like after the Lockdown.

How will our offices look after Lockdown and in the future? - If you, like me are in charge of a company you must be asking yourself this question. We as a company have over the past year been making plans on our new office space towards the end of the year, and now during this period of social distancing and working from home, I can't help but question all the plans we have made thus far. Will we need this much space - who will work from home - who can work from home - how do I have meetings - will it all be digital - how much office space do I need - Will my clients accept this - How much staff need to be in the office - can I save money - how far must we all sit from each other....? These are but some of the questions I am sure you are asking yourself. A lot of companies in the design industry has some serious marketing campaigns out currently claiming to be experts in converting your spaces post lockdown and other claims along those lines. The truth is that no one is, how could we, this is uncharted territory for all of us. I believe this is a time where we all need to bounce ideas off each other and formulate new plans - there is no recipe for what is to come. My suggestion I put forward now is as follows: If you like me have all these questions and no idea where to start, send me a message or email ( Let's chat, no charge about where your company could go and how your space could or should change going forward. I am not an expert in this field, but I am a designer and a space planner, so maybe, together we can find the answer....or maybe not.. let's see.

Stay Safe!

Ehrardt Nieuwoudt ( Managing Director - Kim h nieu Interior Design)

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