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Published on 29 th, May 2020 by



With the country moving to level 3 in the Lockdown regulations, Kim h Interior design will be opening the office again.

Even though Kim h as a company has been operating remotely during the entire lockdown period, we are very excited that we can open our office again from 1 June 2020!

With the new level 3 lockdown regulations, commercial construction is once again allowed. This means we as Kim h can get back to business as usual, as commercial installations are allowed again. this means we can now design and install your new space. lead times will still be a bit longer than usual, but everything else will return to normal.

As we are not the only company to return to the office, the question that needs to be asked is: are you prepared and ready to open your office space, creating a safe environment for your employees? if you would like some tips or ideas on how to ensure this, why not give us a call?

We are always available to help, look at the bottom of this screen for our number!

Stay Safe!

the Kim H Interior Design Team

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