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TopReview Recently rated the Best Interior Designers in Johannesburg according to the below requirements.

Aesthetics: Of course, we only listed designers with good taste. We also gave high points of course for interior designers that find the perfect balance between their aesthetics and their client’s wants.

Credibility: Years of experience, awards, and recognition all add to the credibility of an interior designer.

Connections: The more connections they have with suppliers and vendors, the more choices you’ll get access to. Connections with architects and engineers are also a plus so you can get aesthetics and practicality in one go.

Schedule flexibility: The more hours they are open, the more points they’ll receive. We like interior designers allocating time for onsite quotations or online tours.

Transparency: Transparency will help you gauge and stay within budget and schedule. We based this on feedback from previous clients.

Social responsibility:Nowadays, taking care of our environment is a need. That’s why we added points for those with green practices and designs.

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