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A glimpse into a unique office done by Kim h in the renovated Rosebank Fire station building.

This bespoke corporate office is positioned in the center of Rosebank. This office is home to a diverse team with a common vision. This company is a leader in the independent financial services group. When first approached by the client, we were presented with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue as our brief for the office, we took it from there.

Glass partitioning maximized the 180 degrees Johannesburg skyline view with mirrored walls to further maximize and reflect the view and create a space that appears much larger and grand. This office acts as a collaborative space, with adjustable glass partitions that open and close to promote teamwork or individual concentration.

Through efficient and prestigious design, layout and materiality, we were able to create an exalting and awe-inspiring office that not only increases productivity but indicates to clients and anyone who passes through their doors, that this company is a force to be reckoned with.

The Kim h team focused on the two main elements of design- functionality, and form. Neither more important than the other. The functionality of this office, like any office, is highly important for the success, happiness, and productivity of all employees and business prosperity. The space was designed for the offices to be opened or closed using internal glass partitioning between desks that are adjustable to the requirements of the employees, creating a customizable and modular space. The form of the space was of utmost importance, this office was to speak of opulence, with luxurious fabrics and expensive finishes that speaks volumes to the type of company this office will house. Marbles, timbers, leathers and plush carpeting was used to create a space that felt masculine and bold but understandably corporate and formal.

This office is one of the pride and joys of the Kim h team, and it is the gift that keeps on giving as this client likes to revamp his space often and entrusts our team to give him exactly what he envisions every single time.


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