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a Glimpse into one of our past Projects in Chelsea, London

Imagine fitting 4 bedrooms, all en suite, a family media lounge, main lounge, dining room, and kitchen, along with an entrance hall and guest WC into a 230sqm 4 story narrow, London home. At the same time, making sure it meets all the requirements of an upper-class, lavish home. This was what we were tasked with, for amazing clients, based in Johannesburg, but with a new home in Chelsea, London. The little home oozes character when you arrive at the front door. Once you enter, you are surprised at how spacious it all feels. This is mainly due to the fact, that we mirrored the entire eastern side of the home, all to give the feeling and illusion of space. This works effectively, as space seems double, due to the reflection.

Upon entry, you are met with a beautifull, white classic staircase, which is the main 'spine' of the home. Off that, everything else flows. On the ground floor, you have the Kitchen area( filled with all features) to cook great family meals. The island flows into the dining area, creating a great dining area for 8 people, which adds to the entertainment value, as the lounge opens onto that. If you go downstairs you are met with the guest WC, and next to that a great intimate family media lounge and guest bedroom.

Each of the other floors upstairs has the remaining en suite bedrooms. here we opened up the bathrooms for each bedroom to maximize the actual space, and divided them with clear glass walls - this allows light from both sides of the narrow home into the space, making it a bright and airy space to be in. From the balconies of each bedroom, you are greeted with the most amazing view of St. Lukes Cathedral. this completes the package. Feel free to go look under our Residential section of the website, to see more photos of this great home!

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